Practise your networking skills and pass exams

IPv4 Basics

Learn the basics of IPv4 addressing with this unlimited supply of exercises.

These basic exercises walk your through the structure of an IPv4 address and subnetmasks.

Practice with classful and classless IP addresses, calculate the network and broadcast addresses, and determine whether a host is on the same subnet.

IPv4 Subnetting

Subnetting is a vital skill to add to your networking knowledge.

You'll need to calculate some information to be able to solve them, so get a scratchpad ready.

Make sure to check the how-to guides to see how it's done.

IPv6 Basics

IPv6 addressing is the future and IPv4 is slowly on the way out.

Understanding the basics of the new addressing system becomes a breeze after some of these exercises.

The basic exercises include IPv6 notation and identifying the different parts of an IPv6 address.